Triple H Sends An Open Challenge To Jinder Mahal, Says Will Teach You A Lesson In Your Own Country

World is just gearing up to see the much awaited and happening battle between 14-time World Champion and WWE COO Triple H and Jinder Mahal.

The battle that is all set to happen in almost a week has already gripped the WWE lovers with excitement. Why not? Triple H is returning to ring after so long time and since it’s a battle with Jinder Mahal, the fight is extra special.


Now in a recently released video, Triple H has sent an open challenge to Jinder Mahal. In the video he can be seen saying that he is coming back to the ring to teach Jinder Mahal a lesson. He asked in the video-

“You must ask yourself, why am I am back, why I am coming to India, New Delhi, to face the modern-day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal?”

Then answering his own question, he said-

“It’s my job now to ensure the future. I ensure that future by making sure that our athletes are the best. I push them to the limits; I make sure that every day they learn lessons that make them better than they were the day before.”

He sent out a direct and open message to Jinder Mahal and said-

“Jinder, I have taken it upon myself to make you better. Sometimes, the best way to improve is to learn from your failures.”

He also said that he will teach Jinder a lesson among his own people-

“So, I come to New Delhi on December 9 in front of 1.3 billion of your people and I come there to teach you… I come there to teach you a lesson that only I can teach.”


He made it even more intense and said-

“When you step into my ring, you are no longer in India. You are no longer in front of just 1.3 billion of your people. You are now in my world. And in my world, Jinder, there is only one true king, One King of Kings; and all will be humbled before him, including you. I will see you in New Delhi, Maharaja,”

Watch the video-

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