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Avengers: Endgame

This Character Has Confirmed That He Will Be Back In Avengers:Endgame



Fans all over the world was blown when the trailer of Avengers:Endgame hit the internet on 7th December.Speculations went on that who will and who will not survive in this endgame.

Fans were sure that Black Widow,Captain America,Iron Man,Thor and Hulk survived from the wrath’s of Thanos,at the end of Avengers:Infinity War only.

So,when the trailer hit the internet,fans were relieved to see Hawkeye and Ant-Man alive.

Though previous sources confirmed that Shuri will be in Avengers:Endgame,recently in an interview another character confirmed that he too will be there!

You must be wondering who?It is none other than Wong.So,in the Avengers:Endgame we will see another comeback.

He was there to talk about Deadly Class,his upcoming project but end up revealing much about the Avengers.

The character who plays Wong discussed about his comeback and all the other details,which makes it all the more interesting for us.Wong will be helping the other Avengers to avenge Thanos.

So,we all have to wait for April 26th,2019 in order to know what is actually going to happen to our heroes ultimately!

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