Sonakshi Sinha Finally Responds Strongly To Body Shaming Comments And Trolling

Sonakshi Sinha made her Bollywood debut in 2010 with Salman Khan starrer Dabangg. The actress shed a lot of weight before making her debut but still, she was criticised for being overweight.

Sonakshi has done 20 films in her 9 years old career and one thing that has been with her consistently is body shaming. The actress is trolled almost every day for being overweight but ask her what she thinks about it, Sonakshi says she doesn’t care.

While speaking at the Arbaaz Khan’s show Sonakshi told him that he knows that she was very very big and unhealthy before Dabangg. Sonakshi said that she lost 30 kgs to do Dabangg but people still talked about her shape and how she looked. She said that she used to go in the defensive space because she had put so much effort which they haven’t seen.

The actress said that so much of blood and sweat went in and they don’t know even a half of it and therefore she doesn’t care now. “Main jaisi hu vaisi rahugi, aap ko dekhna hai dekho, nahi dekhna mat dekho” (I’ll stay the way I am, If you want to see then fine, if you don’t want then also it’s fine) she concludes.

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