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Shraddha Kapoor Badly Trolled For Posting An Inspirational Message On Twitter



Everyone is going out of their way these days to achieve an attractive physique. Sometimes the greed is so big that they keep the health aside while the target is to get some attention from people.


Being an inspiration to many girls, Shraddha Kapoor recently shared a positive body message on Twitter. It was basically a picture of Marilyn Monroe and along with it, there was the positive body message.

Shraddha posted the picture and chose to say no word in the caption. It was so heartening to see her spreading such a lovely message. Take a look-

Her fans loved the message, but there were also many who found it funny. The reason being Shraddha herself promotes Lipton – A Green tea brand for weight and fat loss.









Well, Green tea helps in maintaining a healthy body. There’s nothing bad in losing some extra fat for the sake of good health so trollers really need some fact checking here. What do you think?

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Shraddha Kapoor Heavily Slammed For Mocking Culture In Her Latest Photoshoot



Bollywood celebs, especially female ones, getting trolled for their dressing sense is not a new thing but this time, actress Shraddha Kapoor is making headlines for hurting the feelings of native Americans.

As we know, photographer Dabboo Ratnani comes up with his own calendar every year and it includes some top names of the industry. Shraddha also did a photoshoot for this calendar and she posed wearing a native American headdress. An Instagram page named Diet Sabya accused Shraddha of culture appropriation as wearing this headdress by the non-native offends the native Americans.

Here is the photo in which Shraddha Kapoor can be seen wearing the native American headdress:

Here’s what Diet Sabya wrote on Instagram,


According to our basic birthright source, Wikipedia, the wearing & displaying of such headdresses, and other ‘indigenous traditional arts and sacred objects’ by those who have not earned them — especially by non-Natives as fashion or costume — is considered extremely offensive by traditional Native people. The ‘controversy’ is part of a wider effort by Native American activists to highlight the ongoing cultural genocide against indigenous peoples (especially in the United States and Canada). The stupid trend of musicians and festival-goers wearing warbonnets across festivals has led to criticism by Native Americans, apologies by non-Natives, and the banning of headdresses as costumes by several big-league music festivals. We thought this was common knowledge. Yet, we are here, talking about it being appropriated by a celebrity calendar. @shraddhakapoor by @dabbooratnani for #dabbooratnanicalendar”

Some things are very important from cultural point of view and they are very close to hearts of people following culture; hence, using them as a prop can hurt their sentiments. This is not the first time that such an instance has taken place and earlier also people from Bollywood and fashion industry had been levelled with these kinds of allegations.

Do you think that some research should be done before using cultural belongings as props so that sentiments of people are not hurt? What is your opinion in this regard? Let us know your views.


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