Shahid Afridi’s Gesture Towards Indian Flag Will Make You Respect Him More. He’s A Gem

Shahid Afridi enjoys a huge fan following not only in Pakistan, but even in other parts of the world, especially India.

Time and again, he has shown his love and respect from Indian cricketers & he too has been getting a lot of affection in return. Our respect for him has increased 100 times after watching a video yesterday.


Recently, an ice cricket match was played between Shahid Afridi’s team and Kapil Sharma’s team in Switzerland and it was highly entertaining. After the match, everyone wanted to take a selfie with Afridi.

He posed with everyone of them and even gave them his autographs. However, one specific gesture won our hearts. There was a girl who asked him for a selfie; she had a flag in her hand but she hadn’t held it properly.

Shahid Afridi specially told her to open it; he said “Flag seedha karo aap” and then posed with her. Since there’s a lot of issues going on between both the countries, some thought that he wouldn’t pose, but no, he did the opposite and showed that he’s a GEM of a person.

Afridi could have easily ignored it, but he showed his respect for Indian flag and every Indian is loving it.

Watch the video;

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And he earned immense respect from people. We loved the way he did it; what about you?

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