Priya Varrier Breaks Her Silence On ‘Sridevi Bungalow’ Controversy, She Is Defending The Film

Ever since the trailer for Sridevi Bungalow released, there have been a lot of controversies over the film, with a lot of people calling it disrespectful and even insensitive.

The uncanny similarity in the events shown in the trailer with the unfortunate and tragic death of veteran actor Sridevi has led to an uproar in the country.

The title of the film for instance instantly brings to mind Sridevi, and how she died. Similarly, the bathtub scene at the end also resembles the manner in which Sridevi died.

This is how people reacted:




Boney Kapoor had also sent a legal notice to the director Mambully and demanded that they change the title of the film immediately.

The director had then claimed that Sridevi is a very common name, and no resemblances are intentional. There is no logic in changing the name, according to him.

Priya Varrier, who plays the role of Sridevi, said that her character just happens to be named Sridevi and has nothing to do with the veteran actor.

She said that no one would wish to be embroiled in such controversies and once the film releases, people could decide for themselves.

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