NASA Astronauts Just Had An Amazing Pizza Party In Space. Here’s How It Happened

Whenever I feel an urge to visit the outer space, apart from my “aukaat” one thing that stops me is the unavailability of pizza there.

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But the astronauts who visit there are some really amazing people. If they can challenge the gravity, they can simply do anything.

So recently when the NASA astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS) wanted to do a party, NASA scientist and astronaut, Paolo Nespoli casually mentioned to his boss and manager Kirk Shireman that he is missing pizza.

What next? the ingredients reached him through a special delivery and the team which is currently at ISS for Expedition 53 turned chefs.

Nespoli shared the video on Twitter with this beautiful message-

When you really, really miss pizza… you CASUALLY mention it to the International @Space_Station ​ Boss during a live public event 😉 Thank you Kirk for surprising us with unexpectedly delicious pizzas! #VITAmission

Click Here to watch the video directly on Twitter.

Now that’s really Double fun. You are in space and then enjoying pizza too. Isn’t that perfect?

And this how Twitterati reacted to the amazing video-







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