Mumbai Police Posted Tweet Inspired By Oscar Winner Indian Film ‘Period’, Netizens love it

Oscar 2019 was an outstanding ceremony to witness. Hollywood came together to appreciate and honor the best of this year. This year the ceremony was without a host but was with much more glitz and glamour and faithful appreciation for the most brilliant.

After, a short 25 minute documentary by Iranian-American director Rayka Zehtabchi won an Oscar in the Best Short Documentary category, people were astounded. Especially people from India was ecstatic.This documentary, Period.End of a Sentence produced by Guneet Mongna was set in India’s Uttar Pradesh. It deals how rural women are dealing everyday with conventional menstrual taboos.

So,the Mumbai City Police understood the significance of this achievement and altered the film’s poster to suite their own view of suggesting how they are working for the city people. Here check their tweet out.

Mumbai city people promptly accepted the tweet and appreciated the hard work by their city police. Many offered suggestions and praised the works that the various departments have been doing. They even lauded the social media team, handling Mumbai City Police’s Twitter Account.













So, what are your views on this?


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