Media Channel Tweets About Death Of Shashi Tharoor. He Replied & Got Apology

Today, we are sad to hear the news of Shashi Kapoor’s death. He had a huge fan following and we still can’t believe that he is no more with us. Social media is flooded with condolence messages for the LEGEND.

However, there seems to be a goof up, because some of them called Shashi Tharoor’s office. Yes, people actually mistook Shashi Kapoor as Shashi Tharoor & started pouring condolence messages for him.


Well, it all started due to Times Now; they tweeted about Madhur Bhandarkar leaving a condolence message for Shashi Tharoor. Have a look at the tweet;

However someone corrected them and a Twitter user shared the screenshot of the same;

Seeing his, Shashi Tharoor replied;

His reply read, “We’re getting condolence calls in the office! Reports of my demise are, if not exaggerated, at least premature. “

Seeing this going on, even Omar Abdullah took a dig at Shashi Tharoor. Here’s what he said…

“As much as some of these channels dislike me they’ve never killed me off. You have a unique distinction here Shashi”

Times Now had to apologize immediately;

Media channels should be very careful while tweeting, because this is a very sensitive matter.

What do you have to say about this goof up?

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