Karni Sena’s New Way Of Protest Is Winning Hearts. Even You Will Like It

Karni Sena can go to any extent to stop the movie from releasing and also to stop people from watching the same.

After months of protests and violent attacks, Karni Sena has finally allowed Padmaavat’s release; however, in many places across the country, violence is still on.

The main fight is for the pride of Rajput women, but few incidents have proved that Karni Sena is inhuman. Yesterday, they attacked a school bus in Gurugram which was carrying around 12 students and teachers. Even celebs condemned this brutal attack.
While “Violence” is the only way for Karni Sena in many parts of India, its members in Lucknow have resorted to “Gandhigiri”.

Many protestors gathered at Novelty Cinema in Lucknow but instead of resorting to violence they peacefully handed over roses to people and requested them to not watch the movie.

Another member of Karni Sena was ready to reimburse the money people spent on buying tickets. Yes, he actually said that if some have already purchased the tickets, he would compensate them by offering money.

Now, this way is something we never though Karni Sena would use. Here are the pictures;

And here’s how people reacted…

Yogi ji ka kamaal!

Sache Rajput!

Better way!

Will you compensate?

Unique and admirable!

What do you think about this new way of protest?

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