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India Launches Surgical Strike On JeM Camp Across LoC, Here’s Everything You Need To Know



When on 14th February,the world was busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with their near and dear ones, our CRPF personnel were martyred in the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. This shameful act was condemned by everyone across the nation.

We lost over forty of our Jawans and many were critically injured when a car full of 350kgs of explosives rammed into the CRPF convoy. This act of cruelty was claimed to be done by a group called Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), based in Pakistan.

Just after this the nation demanded another surgical strike, they wanted war over Pakistan. But, declaring war is easy but going into it is not. Nearly after two weeks of the Pulwama incident India strikes again.

According to reports India carried a very successful strike on the militant camps lying across the Line Of Control (LOC). This major operation was carried out around 3.30 this morning.

This pre dawn strike was made possible by twelve Mirage 2000 fighter Jets,who dropped more than one thousand kgs of laser guided bombs across the LOC. According to Air Forces the militant camps are completely destroyed.

According to various sources these camps were training areas for the JeM, which now is left no more.This group led by Masood Azhar claimed responsibility of the Pulwama tragedy. Soon, when this news broke out the nation heaved a sigh of temporary relief that gradually they will be eliminated.

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hassan ali

Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Ali Gets Trolled For Supporting India In ICC World Cup 2019



Pakistan cricket team was brutally trolled after losing against India in ICC World Cup 2019 at Old Trafford. India vs Pakistan is the most awaited match of the series. But Pakistan performed poorly, this angered their fans and citizens of Pakistan.

The Pakistani team received a lot of criticism for their miserable performance but the Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was badly slammed for yawning during the match, for poor team management and last not the least for his majestic fitness level.

Well, now the Pakistani pace bowler Hasan Ali has been targeted by the trolls. Hasan Ali recently replied to the tweet posted by a journalist wishing the men in blue.

The tweet reads, Congratulations team India for the splendid win and giving us a moment to celebrate and to feel proud to be an Indian. #IndianCricketTeam let’s capture the world cup now.

The Pakistani pacer replied “Hogi aap ki Dua hogi kabul” (Your wish will be granted). He hoped India to win the crucial India Pakistan match.

However, the tweet was later deleted after the pacer got brutally trolled.

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After Allahabad, UP Government Under Pressure To Rename More Cities



BJP stressed upon progress as it’s biggest agenda during 2014 elections’ campaign. However, the party has disappointed a huge number of supporters by working in a totally opposite direction.

The price of petrol was supposed to come down and it went high, the value of the rupee was promised to go upwards and it came down heavily. The condition of states and cities was expected to improve but the governments are busy changing their name as of now.

Recently, Allahabad was renamed to Prayagraj and it became a huge topic of debate. The observers, however, believe that it’s just a start and the UP government may end up renaming more cities in coming future.

Here is a list of cities which are under the demand of renaming.

1. Azamgarh – Aryamgarh
2. Aligarh – Harigarh
3. Muzaffarnagar – Laxminagar
4. Faizabad – Saket

The situation is such that BJP leaders in Aligarh are already riding in the vehicles that have Harigarh written on them.

Talking to a leading daily, Prabhu Narain, Awadh Prant Sanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh said that they are not against anybody and are just working on restoring the ancient names of the country which were strategically changed by Mughal and British emperors.

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Andhra Pradesh

Government Has Ranked The Top States To Live In India. This State Has Topped The Chart



India is a diverse country where situations, cultures and lifestyles change state by state. Every state you visit has something new to offer so there’s no surprise to find completely opposite worlds and people within India.

Living in a particular state, you can create a perception of the whole country but then you need a reality check. The situations around you are not similar everywhere and the recent rankings in the ‘Ease of Living Index’ under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) proves that.

The latest rankings by AMRUT regarding the ‘Ease Of Living Index’ has suggested that all the states in India are quite different from each other. The chart has ranked Andhra Pradesh as the best state to live in while Odisha and Madhya Pradesh are on the 2nd and 3rd place.

Ease of living Index 2018: Top 10 cities

1. Pune

2. Navi Mumbai

3. Greater Mumbai

4. Tirupati

5. Chandigarh

6. Thane

7. Raipur

8. Indore

9. Vijaywada

10. Bhopal

The states of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha were awarded at the National Dissemination Workshop in New Delhi.

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