I Divorced My Husband After Our Honeymoon. Am I Asking For Too Much?

Marriage is the biggest day in any girl’s life and every girl has some expectations from her husband. Of course, she doesn’t want to live the life of a princess in a 4 BHK house with some servants for all household chores and a strong bank balance for shopping and lavish lifestyle. But she definitely wants a husband who loves her, respects her, protects her and takes care of her needs (both material and physical).

I am also a very ordinary girl and had some expectations from my married life when I tied knot with Nishant. Not only his physical appearance is quite attractive but he is also a perfect blend of wit, sense of humour and intelligence.

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I was on cloud nine to get him as my partner because he was just the ideal marriage material until I realised a bitter truth about him on our honeymoon.

I am from Delhi and Nishant is employed in an MNC. Our wedding was an arranged one and soon after marriage, we flew for honeymoon. Just like every other girl, I had seen many dreams for my honeymoon and the romantic nights we would spend there.

We had adventure activities, water sports, sightseeing, couple spa and few other things one could wish for in the honeymoon. But something which is the most important for any girl and probably a man too was missing in my life.

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On our first night in the honeymoon, I wore sexy red lingerie that drove him crazy and I could see his eyes turning red with passion. He was turned on and without wasting a minute, he lifted me and threw me on the bed. Before I could prepare myself, he started sex without any foreplay and surprisingly, the storm was over in just about 3-4 minutes. I not at all enjoyed my first sex but he seemed to be happy and satisfied. Even more shockingly, he didn’t bother what I was feeling and just slept beside me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I could see my dreams shattering in front of my eyes and I was helpless.

Somehow I convinced myself that things would be on track in a day or two; it’s just the beginning of a new phase and all might be good in the second time.

I recollected myself for the second night and tried to have the same excitement but all in vain; the whole process was of merely 3 minutes and he directly started sex without caring for what I like. He neither asked whether I was happy nor engaged in any romantic activity like cuddling and simply slept on the other side of the bed.

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The same happened on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth nights and my patience at last broke. Yes, we had sex six times on our 7-day honeymoon but not for a second I felt satisfied. He didn’t use to look at me after he was done and only his contentment was what mattered to him.

I tried for one more week after returning from honeymoon but things were just the same and there was no ray of hope or improvement.

I made up mind of discussing it with him and when I told him that I don’t get satisfaction with our so-called 3-minute physical activity called sex, he appeared to be least bothered. His reaction pricked thousand needles in me and I decided to call it quit.

I told everything to my mom who’s my best friend also and she supported my decision, unlike some other parents who force their daughters to compromise with the situation and sacrifice their own desires just for family’s honour. I filed a divorce case against him and we at last separated.

I could have given time of 6 more months to our relationship but if he didn’t listen once to me in 6 days, I am sure that the same would happen in future because he never cared for my physical satisfaction. Am I asking for too much or is it right to call quit with a man who doesn’t even try to understand my bodily needs?

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