Hina Khan Is Alone Now? In Latest Promo, Priyank Says He Will Never Ever Talk To Hina

Bigg Boss is very unpredictable. Friendships keep changing and there’s hardly anything permanent in the house.

Even though friendships appear to be very genuine in the house, many a times, they are just fake. After a lot of drama and games, the Jodi of Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan might split. We can sense this through the recently released promo.

We have seen how Priyank and Hina have been good friends, but now, they might get separated. Even Luv seems to be pretty irked over an issue. Well, it all started when Priyank started talking about Hina getting insecure in the house.

This happened yesterday when Salman was playing the pool game with contestants, wherein everyone had to give frank answers. When Priyank was asked whether Hina is insecure, he said a “Yes”, which irked Hina.

Hina seems to be very angry with both Luv and Priyank. In the promo, Luv and Priyank are speaking against Hina. Luv says that Hina feels they shouldn’t have spoiled her image by speaking about her insecurity on national TV. Even Priyank is miffed; he tells Luv that he tried hugging Hina and clearing out things, but preferred not talking about it. Priyank is so angry that he doesn’t even want to talk to Hina.

Watch the promo right away;

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After watching the promo, don’t you feel that the trio of Luv, Priyank and Hina will weaken? Will Hina be able to survive this?

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