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Guy Slaps Police Officers & Then Kidnaps. Claims That He Was Asked For 1 Lakh Bribe



Reports of a dirty and complex criminal case are coming straight from the city beautiful, Chandigarh. The case has caught the spark recently and has attracted attention because everyone involved calls themselves a victim, and everyone is also accused. The case which appeared pretty simple and one dimensional earlier, has turned to be complex just like a typical Bollywood thriller.


Chapter 1

A Patiala based woman who works at IT Park, Chandigarh alleged and filed a complaint against her fiance for molesting her and outraging her modesty. The man named Sahil is an entrepreneur and runs a mobile app firm in IT park.

As per the woman, both of them were about to get married and she even met his family regarding this. The women alleged that Sahil refused to marry her later. He reportedly misbehaved with her and even tried to pull her clothes near her office in IT Park on November 27. Following this incident, the woman approached the police.

Now as per the defence claims, both of them were in a relationship since 6 months. Sahil wanted some more time for marriage but this turned the girl and her family anxious.

Sources told HT that due to the astrological incompatibility between the two, Sahil’s parents were concerned about the relationship. A few heated mails exchanged between the couple, wherein the woman allegedly got abusive.

Chapter 2

Sahil was booked by police and two officials, Shub Karan and Manoj Kumar reached his firm to probe the sexual harassment complaint made by the Patiala woman.

Reportedly, when they asked Sahil to accompany them to the police station, he along with his brother, Saumil took the cops in their BMW car and allegedly took a wrong path.


When the car stopped, both sides indulged in a fight. The drama continued for half an hour till a police team reached there. The brothers were arrested while in the kidnapping case and the two cops were suspended for professional misconduct.

Watch the video-


Publié par Bol Sonepat sur vendredi 8 décembre 2017

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Chapter 3

On Saturday, the defence added the bribe angle to the case. Defence counsel Kamal Grover told the court that the two cops demanded ₹1 lakh from the brothers, and Sahil even had a video recording in his phone.

Grover alleged the cops entered into an argument with the duo and concocted the kidnapping story to cover up the matter. The defence even filed an application to prevent any harm to Sahil’s mobile phone, which is in police custody, as they needed the alleged bribery video data.

Meanwhile, deputy superintendent of police (DSP, east) Satish Kumar, said: “Let the accused produce the bribery video in court. We will initiate appropriate action.”

What are your thoughts on it?

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Delhi police

Delhi Police Brutally Beats Up A Tempo Driver And His Son, After He Threatens Them With Sword



Delhi police are crossing a line. This tempo man and his son were brutally beaten up in the middle of the road. A senior officer said that there was a minor accident that happened between the man and police officer. The video of Delhi Police beating up the man is going viral. In a video, there is some verbal spat between the two, it seems like the policeman said something to the man which angered him. Otherwise, who would really threaten a police officer with a sword?

Soon after this, it can be seen that the police officer goes to the police station and gathers everyone there. After that, they mercilessly beat him and his son in the middle of the road. The man can be seen carried and dragged. Police officers can be seen beating him with lathis. It is very disturbing to watch.

People were angered by it and people are commenting non-stop to arrest the officials.

Only 3 police officers are suspended when at the time of the incident there were about 9 people present. Bystanders stood and took video and what could they really do, when people who are supposed to protect us are mercilessly beating us up.

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human trafficking

Pakistani Christian Girls Are Being Targeted By Chinese Men As Brides



Human Trafficking is a grave violation of Human Rights. It is one of the evils crimes to ever happen in the world and almost every country or city all around the globe has this crime going on for years.

Mostly children and women fall into the trap of traffickers every year and also thousands of people every year. They are made to work as labourers or commercial sex workers.

Recently in Pakistan, a market has been identified for human trafficking.

As per NDTV, the human trafficking brokers in the country are hunting for brides in the city to sell them to Chinese men. Mainly Christian girls are being targeted with the agents stalking the churches in the country to look out for any potential brides.

The brokers have the backing of Christian clerics who help them target poor parents who will be ready to exchange their daughters for wealth. Thousands of dollars are given to the parents and they’re told that their son-in-law is Christian converts and are from rich families.

According to the statements of the brides who have been subjected to trafficking said all the promises made are a fake!

A victim of Human Trafficking Muqadas Ashraf was married off to a Chinese man at the age of 16. She disclosed it is all fake and all the promises made are rubbish.

Muqadas has come back to her home after 5 months of her marriage. She is seeking a divorce from her husband. Muqadas is now pregnant. In her statement, she also said her husband was abusive.

The life of the girls turns miserable once they land in China. They are forced to marry against their will and left stranded in remote rural regions and are physically abused.

The Human Rights and Minorities Minister Aslam Augustine in Pakistan’s Punjab said, This is human trafficking and only for greed these marriages are happening as they target the poor families.

In a recent raid, Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency arrested eight Chinese and 4 Pakistani localities in connection of Human Trafficking and the number of bride trafficking has increased and they have the evidence that Pakistani girls are being used as sex slaves in China as per Gio Tv.

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Facebook Post

Businessman Slams Self-Proclaimed Influencers For Asking For Free Services. His FB Post Goes Viral



The Internet is a great place for promotional activities and many businesses are making optimum use of the social media networks as they have a greater reach in comparison to other mediums and the cost of advertising is also reasonable.

There are some online users who have a large number of followers on social media networks and they are quite helpful for the businesses as their huge follower base ensures a successful marketing campaign. Such online users are called influencers or Internet celebrities but nowadays, even those who have 2000 followers on Instagram have started calling themselves influencers.

Representational Image

Almost each hotel or resort in the world is getting many emails daily from a number of self-proclaimed influencers who propose to provide their services in exchange of free stay, meals and drinks in the hotel or resort.

Gianluca Casaccia, the 40 years old manager and co-owner of White Banana Beach Club, Siargao, Philippines, was also getting a number of emails daily from influencers and when he was not able to take it anymore, he took to his Facebook page and made this post:

“Help out there.

We are receiving many messages regarding collaborations with influencers, Instagram influencers.

We kindly would like to announce that White Banana is not interested to “collaborate” with self-proclaimed “influencers”.

And we would like to suggest to try another way to eat, drink, or sleep for free.

Or try to actually work.”

Here’s the Facebook post:

Help out there.We are receiving many messages regarding collaborations with influencers, Instagram influencers.We…

Publiée par White Banana Beach Club Siargao sur Lundi 25 mars 2019

Gianluca had no intention of making the post viral but it has received 12K reactions, 1.6K comments and has been shared for more than 3000 times. Many people have supported the small-time businessman and one online user even called these self-proclaimed influencers ‘modern day beggars’; however, some influencers have got offended with the post too.

However, Gianluca also made it clear that there was nothing against the influencers in the post and they had also worked with some influencers in the past but this time they were talking about those who just wanted to enjoy their services for free and he termed them as “wannabe freeloaders”.

What is your opinion on this matter? Do let us know.

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