Fans Said Priyanka Chopra Married Secretly Due To That Mangalsutra. Priyanka’s Reply Is Epic

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most loved Bollywood stars and right now she is a big name even in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra has achieved so much in her career and she continues to achieve more. However, the actress is still unmarried and fans are waiting to see her married soon.

Recently Priyanka visited Assam and posted a pic on Instagram while she was on its way.

You can also check the picture below-

In no time, fans spotted a bracelet in her hands and thought that it’s a mangalsutra. Speculations started about her marriage and people started thinking if she has secretly married. Have a look at some comments-








When the speculations went too far and turned into news, Priyanka decided to end it all with a tweet. She denied all the speculations strongly and gave a stunning reply. Here’s what she said-

Hahahah!heights of speculation! This is an evil eye guys! Calm down! I’ll tell u when I get married and it won’t be a secret! Lol

She also posted a zoomed picture of her arm and the bracelet along with the tweet. Have a look-

Now that’s a stunning reply. What do you think?

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