Benafsha Wants To Slap Hina After She Comes Out. Hina’s Fans Slammed Her

Hina Khan has already become a target of anger and trolls, because she always keeps bitching and creating controversies in the house. Sometimes, situations get way too annoying. Celebrities as well as fans are slamming her left and right for her behavior.

Recently, Benafsha Soonawalla, the eliminated contestant, expressed her desire to slap Hina Khan when she comes out of the house. She didn’t say so directly, but gave a reply to a fan.


Earlier, Ben was on good terms with Hina, but after coming out and seeing the kind of politics she’s playing, Ben feels like slapping her.

This is what the fan tweeted to Benafsha;

And this is what Ben replied;

Fans are angry merely by imagining Ben slapping Hina Khan. This is how they reacted;

Respect kho rahe ho!

Sharam nahi aayi?

Audience is blind?

Aukaat nahi hai!

Hina ke pair ki dhul bhi nahi!

At least respect her!

She doesn’t deserve forgiveness!

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