After Seeing Shami’s Dirty Chats, Twitter Is Saying Shami Ke “L Lag Gaye”

This morning, Mohammad Shami’s wife accused him of extramarital affairs with multiple women. Well, this was indeed a shocking thing to see!

Hasin Jahan, his wife, also shared his dirty chat screenshots on social media along with pictures of his alleged girlfriends.

His wife accused him of mentally and physically torturing her. She even said that his family has been trying to kill her since 2 years. After reading all such obscene chats, Jahan said that she would take legal action against him.

She got access to his chats on his phone which was lying in his BMW car. However, Twitter is making fun of Shami. Some feel that his wife’s account has been hacked, while some feel that he might land in serious troubles.

Could land him in trouble!

L Lag gaye!


Who did this?

You had the option!



Swinging a lot!

Why Shami Why?

Out of house!

Butter chicken!

Fall for grace will be faster

Well, a big mess is going to come in Shami’s way, don’t you think so?

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