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13 Questions Journalists Forgot Asking PM Narendra Modi While Interviewing Him



When talking about a PM or CM’s interview whose government has failed massively, one would imagine scenes somewhat identical to Nayak’s Anil Kapoor interviewing Amrish Puri. However, the recent interview of our PM Narendra Modi by Sudhir Chaudhary on Zee News was something entirely different. It sounded less of an interview and more of a talk show episode’s promotional event. The interview with Times Now was no different either, PM Modi kept talking and the journalist seemed to have forgotten asking the questions.

Indian Government’s dismal looking policies have now started hurting the normal citizens more than ever. The wounds they’ve received for voting BJP to power are now getting exposed. PM Modi doesn’t often addresses any media gatherings or open forums. When he actually did that, the journalists sitting opposite him seemed to have forgotten their notes back home making the interview entirely worthless. So, we’ve got 13 of those questions that the journalists forgot asking but are needed to be answered for every Indian citizen.

1. When will the 15 Lakh rupees get transferred in every Indian’s bank accounts?


A 56″ chested PM Narendra Modi did not bother to think twice before promising a sum of 15 Lakh Rupees in every Indian’s bank account. With just about an year and a half left for your tenure as the PM, it is high time our PM let’s us know by when will Indians get the amount transferred in our bank accounts.

2. When will the youth get those 2 crore jobs you had promised in 2014?


Unemployment was on the rise under UPA Government. PM Modi had promised 2 crore jobs every year after BJP come to power. Three and a half years gone, the unemployment has plunged to its lowest point in decades and we are under the threat of losing more jobs than generated. Credit for the new record goes to none other than our very own government led by PM Narendra Modi.

3. Why does BJP not ban beef in the poll bounded north-eastern states? Are those states not a part of India or eating beef in those states doesn’t hurt religious sentiments?


What makes the beef ban a major issue are the n number human lynchings associated with it. When a cow becomes more important than a human in all other Indian states, why does BJP include beef in its election campaigns in the poll-bound north eastern states. Also, why does the government still export beef on such a large scale?

4. Why and how did Jay Shah’s business grew 1600 times only after you became the PM?

It seems as though the Make in India campaign had a few terms and conditions associated with it. The very major condition was that you needed to be the son of a top gun from the BJP.

5. Even after applying a cess on every single Indian for building toilets, why did the number of toilets built per year drop down from 1 crore in 2008-2011 to 80 lakh in 2015-16?


The Swachh Bharat Cess was implied to generate money for building toilets all across India. Interestingly, without any cess the number of toilets constructed under UPA was higher than that of BJP. Also, a Survey found out that around 60% of the toilets built do not receive any water supply.

6. Who is responsible for all the deaths due to demonetisation? Did you or anyone from the BJP queue up outside the banks to get some cash?

We saw Congress president Rahul Gandhi stand in queues to withdraw some cash from his bank account during the demonetisation period. However, not a single person from the BJP was seen standing in queues. So is it that they don’t need any money or is it that they do not mind putting up all their expenses as government’s expenditures?

7. You condemned the tragic deaths of people from other countries within minutes of the tragedy but have yet not spoken on the murders of journalist Gauri Lankesh and activist M. M. Kalburgi. Why?

Image source

Be it a terror attack or cyclone or an earthquake or any other reason in some other country, PM Modi goes out on his Twitter handle to show how saddened he is about the incident. But when it comes to the deaths of his own countrymen, be it a farmer, journalist, judge, or anyone else, PM Modi prefers to remain busy with election campaigns.

8. Have you got your AADHAR card linked with your bank accounts, PAN card, and SIM cards? Also, what are your thoughts on the data breach of around 13 crore Indians?


In a recent report, it was revealed that an agent was ready to disclose off the details of any individual for mere Rs. 500. Investigations are still on but the vulnerability of the AADHAR database has been left exposed.

9. What made you term the death of over 60 children in Gorakhpur a “natural calamity” when it was clearly a case of utter negligence on part of the state authorities?

It still puzzles one and all as to how the unavailability of oxygen cylinders in a hospital is a natural calamity. Gorakhpur, CM Yogi’s constituency from the last two decades bears witness to thousands of children’s death every year but still no measure has been taken yet. Even after the massive outbreak, there continues to be only one hospital treating Encephalitis.

10. What is your government doing against the violent groups like Karni Sena who are openly giving death threats to people on live television and are still free from police custody?

Gone are the days when breaking the country’s law and a person’s jaw used to be punishable offences. Giving death threats on live TV has now become the new norm. Police does not bother putting the errants behind the bars and neither does the government asks them to do so. Is this the law and order that we dream of?

11. Your take on Justice Loya’s death? What do you think made the 4 senior most judges of supreme court speak out openly against the CJI?

Justice Loya was about to conduct a hearing against BJP President Amit Shah charged with a murder. Surprisingly, Justice Loya died just days before the hearing and Amit Shah was freed of all charges by the judge who replaced Justice Loya. Was it just a mere coincidence?

12. What are your views about your great friend and Israel’s PM Netanyahu and the war crimes committed by Israel under him?

Image Source

The whole world criticises and condemns the Israeli act of inhuman violence against the Palestinians but our PM Narendra Modi proudly calls the Israeli PM a great friend of his.

13. Why are we Indians being made to pay the highest taxes on petrol? Why do you think it is not valid idea to include petrol under GST?


The entire Indian economy depends on the prices of diesel and petrol. Transport of major goods solely relies on roadways and thus the transportation cost plays a key role in fixing up the cost of commodities required on a daily basis. We Indians are paying one of the highest taxes on petrol in the whole world. Even Pakistan and Bangladesh sell cheaper petrol and diesel than us.

Then there is this one question which everybody who voted for BJP must be asking themselves, “how did we get fooled?” We will keep coming up with questions but will our PM Narendra Modi ever dare to come up with an answer?

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